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Small Business Message Board

Find a good hosting provider. This is important because your message board will be down if your host is down. There are many hosts to choose from, so do some research and read reviews before settling on one.

2. Once you have chosen a host, sign up for an account and create a forum. Most hosts will have a forum creation tool that you can use. If not, there are many free forum software packages available online that you can download and install on your server.

3. Once your forum is created, promote it! A good example of a way to run your forum is shown at DC Masonry Pros. You can do this by telling your friends about it, posting about it on other forums, and adding it to your website or blog.

4. Moderate your forum regularly. This means deleting spam posts, banning troublesome users, and keeping the conversation flowing. If you don’t moderate your forum, it will quickly become a chaotic mess.

5. Have fun! Running a message board can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun. Get to know your users and help make your forum a friendly and welcoming place.